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Volume I: Tool Book, 2017

The Tool Book Project began just after the 2016 election, as a way to exchange images and ideas that might edify, inspire, support and radicalize artist communities, and provide a way for artists to contribute to positive social change using their current practices. Each “Tool Book” is centered around a “publication,” that showcases artwork and writing. It is also a platform for sharing resources via readings, roundtable discussions, gallery shows and other public events that engage with art communities in NYC. Sales from publications are donated to social and environmental justice organizations, providing a mode of direct action for participants.


The first “Tool Book”, published in August 2017, is a book sourced from an open call of over 40 artists. As part of SoHo20 Gallery’s Residency Lab, The Tool Book Project produced a series of related public events, including a free library, reading series and panel discussion; “Tool Share Roundtable: Art and Activism,” where politically engaged artists shared “tools” regarding art, political action and sustaining communities. View contributors and events.

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