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Volume III: Work Book, 2019

The Tool Book Project Volume III: Work Book is a risograph magazine featuring 18 artists and collaborative teams addressing and 24 online artist features whose work addresses labor, leisure and it’s cultural intersections with art production. Work Book considers the future of institutional critique, direct social action, how our daily labor and leisure intersect with the ways we relate, resist, and create, and what can we glean from revisiting past Art and Labor movements. 

The Tool Book Project will host a series of events surrounding the launch of Work Book, including a launch party and panel discussion, a quilting and conversation circle and a series of short artists talks in New York in 2019 and a series of talks in Baltimore in 2020.

Profits from the sales of "Work Book" will benefit  Make the Road New York a non-profit that builds the power of immigrant and working class communities to achieve dignity and justice, and House of Ruth Maryland. a non-profit organization providing prevention, intervention and advocacy for victims of domestic violence and their children.

Created, Designed and Edited by: Sarah G. Sharp.Work Book was printed on a MZ790U 2-Color Risograph Printer by TXTbooks, an artist-run independent publishing initiative in Brooklyn, NY.


Work Book’s poster insert “Plants and People Kicking Ass Together” and it’s accompanying essay “People, Plants, and the Work That Lies Before Us”, designed and written by Asha Canalos, was printed by Nicole Ringel, an interdisciplinary artist and printmaker based in Baltimore, MD.

Get your copy of Work Book!  $35 includes shipping and handling within the US.

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