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Volume III: Work Book Gallery

The Tool Book Project was conceived of in the wake of the 2016 US presidential election as a way to connect and provide a platform for artists, writers and cultural producers and to raise funds for social and environmental justice groups that are made vulnerable under this administration. Now, three years in, Work Book, the third volume of The Tool Book Project, considers the future of institutional critique, direct social action, how our daily labor and leisure intersect with the ways we relate, resist, and create, and what can we glean from revisiting past Art and Labor movements.

Here we highlight the work of contemporary artists and writers whose work address a broad set of themes, ranging from domestic labor, union work,  political puns, feminist consumer culture, cultural translation and inter-special relationships.

NakhNama - parastoo ahovan.jpg

Parastoo Ahoon

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 5.37.58 PM.png

Craftsmanship Podcast

NakhNama - parastoo ahovan.jpg

Pamm Hanson

Angelopoulos_Elaine_03 - Elaine Angelopo

Elaine Angelopoulos

Ecker_Elissa_04 - Elissa Ecker.jpg

Elissa Ecker

Sewingroom - Lu Heintz.jpg

 Lu Heintz

Logan-DeCarlo-5 - DeCarlo Logan.jpg

DeCarlo Logan

Miller-Shayna-5 - Shayna Miller.jpg

Shayna Miller

Sinclair-Amy-5 - Fugitive Ground.jpg

Amy Sinclair

Majkut_Katrina_Gilmore_Aimee_02 - Katrin

Katrina Majkut

Niklewicz_Adam_3 - Adam Niklewicz.jpg

Adam Niklewicz

Sloane-Janice-4 - Janice Sloane.jpg

Janice Sloane

Copy of Book 6 image 2 of 3 - MADELEINE

Madeleine Arthurs

IMG_20190402_151744_379 - Keah Fryar.jpg


Kojzar-Christopher-5 - Chris Kojzar.jpg

Chris Kojzar

12_COTTIER - Kyle Cottier.JPG

Kyle Cottier

FreelanceWork_poster1 - alexandra hammon

Alexandra Hammond

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 5.36.17 PM.png

Bridget Leslie

ArtWorkers1MB - Steve Mantinaos.jpg

Steve Mantinaos

Copy of Noah-Mitchell-2 - Mitchell Noah.

Mitchell Noah

TANGA_03 - Andrew Prieto.jpg


Mertz-Gabrielle-4 - Gabrielle Mertz.jpg

Gabrielle Mertz

Packer-David-4 - David Packer.jpg

David Packer

Wilder-Aaron-5 - Aaron Wilder.jpg

Aaron Wilder

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