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Mitchell Noah

Mitchell Noah is an artist based in Baltimore, MD. His practice incorporates sculpture, objects, image making, video, and vessels. He holds an  MFA in Intermedia + Digital Art from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, and an MFA in Glass/Sculpture from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. His work has been shown in group exhibitions both nationally and internationally, particularly through artist-run and grassroots arts spaces. Current research interests include utopias, adhocism, infrastructure, and the logistics of producing art during “late stage” capitalism. Mitchell is also a practicing hot glass maker and instructor.

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Over the last few years I have been documenting pick-up trucks in Baltimore which have been modified or retrofitted for hauling scrap, junk, and debris. I began seeking them out in the everyday for their range of improvisational aesthetics and hand-made charm. I soon realized that these vehicles provided a passing glimpse into an independent, self-organized municipal industry. I have isolated the trucks out of the time and place of the street in an image series titled  Junk Haulers, INC (2019). This contextual removal highlights the sculptural qualities of the trucks and the evidence of the hand in their modifications. As vehicular studies, the work documents the spontaneous order of a manual labor trade centered around material, waste, recycling and mobility.

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