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Janice Sloane

Janice Sloane's work looks at the body and it’s impermanence. She is inspired by medical photography and African sculpture. She often uses the head - holder of the spirit & soul. She explores this part of the body and it’s complexities through sculpture, drawing and digital mediums. Janice has exhibited at Honey Ramka, Radiator Gallery, SPRING/BREAK ART SHOW, Parlour Bushwick, Last Brucennial, Nightclub, Miami, Newman Popiashvilli Gallery, Galeria La Refaccionaria, Mexico DF, X Teresa, Mexico DF, El Centro de La Imagen, Mexico DF, White Box , Neue Galerie Graz, ZKM Center for Art and Media Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany, Tel Aviv Artist Studio Gallery, DESTE Foundation, Athens, Greece, Museo de Arte Carillo Gil Mexico DF, Museo Universitario del Chopo Mexico DF, Brooklyn Museum among other spaces in USA, Europe and Mexico. Her works are in several private collections in New York, Mexico, C-Collection in Vaduz, Lichtenstein & Neue Galerie Graz, Austria

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Creamhead,  2019  (with Julie Spodek) — excerpt

A woman has her head covered with shaving cream. She manipulates the cream over her head for as long as she can before taking a breath. Under the cream she cannot see or breathe. A form of sensory deprivation. She becomes highly sensitive to the nature, feeling and consistency of the cream as she moves it around creating living sculptures

in sequence. The breath bursts through. Violently. The sound of the breath. A light soft confinement with an easy to escape. The work is durational and performative yet private and quiet simultaneously.

What drew me to this imagery was the distortion of the face made with the cream. My work with found imagery online of women being hit in the face with pies and cake has led to private performances with large amounts of shaving cream which I put on my head in lieu of edible cream to create a live sculpture. Aside from the erotic and fetish aspect, the work deals with the impermanence of the body and transformation, breath, anonymity, ritual objects, sense deprivation and interior/exterior life.

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