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Madeleine Hope Arthurs

Madeleine Hope Arthurs received an MFA (1998) from the School of Visual Arts in NYC with a Paula Rhodes Memorial Award. She also has a BFA (1996) from SVA with a Rhodes Family Award for Outstanding Achievement.  In 2018, Arthurs was selected for the SVA "Fine Arts: Residency in Contemporary Practices.""Stronger Together" is an artist book Arthurs created for Hillary Clinton from August 2015 - August 2016. It is included in artist book collections at the Art Institute of Chicago, the National Museum of Women in the Arts in DC and at Bowdoin College in Maine. Arthurs artwork was in an exhibit at the Ronald Feldman Gallery, NYC June 19 - July 26, 2019. Her artwork was also in "Art on the Front Lines" at the Ronald Feldman Gallery in 2017. Arthurs' fine art can also be found on the Drawing Center's Viewing Program's online Artist Registry, NYC.

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Many cultures have had rituals that honor and respect the importance of living species.  In ancient Egypt, for instance, beloved pets were mummified and buried with their owners in the belief that this would preserve their souls, their stories, and their significance forever.  My ritual as an artist involves drawing animals with people. My portraits show respect and concern for nature in terms of contemporary life.


The ancient Egyptians also depicted gods and goddesses as half animal and half human, showing how powerful they thought nature was.  I am showing the same kind of respect for animals by combining them with people. Half animal/half human, my subjects symbolize the environmental realities we face. I am adapting mythology to express a modern concern.


My portraits function as a reminder that all living creatures are a part of our human selves, and as a reminder of the heroic call for preservation today.  All species, including humans, are interdependent. We cannot avoid or ignore nature; we must respect it, embrace it, and share it, and - beyond that - we must be one with it.

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