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DeCarlo Logan

DeCarlo Logan is a Multidisciplinary Process Based Artist from the St. Louis area. He received his Bachelor’s of Art from Illinois College in 2013 and his Master’s of Fine Arts from Purdue University in 2018. His body of work is an exploration of personal identity and race through the lens of perception. He uses information sourced from the community to provide a platform which preserves stories which would otherwise go overlooked. His research considers the historical an anecdotal context to accurately represent the complexity of Black identity in the United States.

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Reflecting on the current sociopolitical climate, there is a growing devaluation of the Black bodies. Unfortunately there is a growing body count Black bodies with fruitful policy change or repercussion. The Settlement series is a reflection of the psychological state of the communities which face this violence.

Settlement is an investigation of both self knowledge and social awareness. The psychological toll associated with living in a Black body in the current social climate requires coping mechanisms which operate as a life long labor with which there is no relief. Stemming from the depiction of Black men and women killed via police violence and profiling, Each visual is an amalgam of the specific media's perception of each victim reflected upon my own body. This act questions the true value of Black bodies in American culture as well as the state of institutional racial perception.

My practice centers around these experiences and providing a voice to disenfranchised groups and the pursuit of equity. Each piece is a reflection upon my own identity as a Black man and the state of bodies of color in our communities; these stories are often overlooked. In this case, the concept of “labor” is documented though the record of the Black men and women fighting for the promise of civil liberties taken for granted by those in power. 

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