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Katrina Majkut

Katrina Majkut, a visual artist and writer, is dedicated to understanding how social traditions impact civil rights. She uniquely employs observational painting techniques in the embroidery medium of cross-stitch and a new feminist fourth wave strategy she calls Boomerang Intersectionalism to create her artwork. Majkut exhibits nationally in both commercial and college galleries, where she lectures on women’s issues, art activism, and textile arts. She was listed as one of four international artists starting a new chapter in feminist art by Mic Media. In 2019, she will be attending the AIM program at the Bronx Museum, the Feminist Incubator Residency (Project for Empty Space, NJ) and is in a group show at Dorsky Gallery (NY). Majkut published her first non-fiction book in 2018, The Adventures and Discoveries of A Feminist Bride (Black Rose Writing), which aims to make weddings more egalitarian.

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Stitch Bitch Subversive DIY Embroidery Kit series aims to decolonize mass-produced embroidery kits that only promote white-angle, Christian narratives. Through artistic collaboration, these new kits take biased forms of oppression (i.e. using a "blank" card) to use them against themselves through satire. They aim to be an inclusive and diverse platform for social awareness change, empowerment, and catharsis for underrepresented people. Patrons can actually take these kits and make their own subversive art representing their personal narratives and concerns.

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