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TANGA! is a newly formed collective of three artists (Rachel Chick, Andrew Prieto, Alfredo Travieso) whose work overlaps at themes such as the politics of domesticity, 21st century identity, and the current ubiquity of performance in everyday life. The group began working together as graduate students in the School of Visual Arts, Art Practice program. Their debut exhibition was at Satellite Art Fair, Art Basel, Miami in 2017.

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Since forming in 2014, TANGA! has worked with context as our primary medium through the ethos of “Transformational Aesthetics”. We have used these ideas to rearrange current structural issues underlying inequity in labor practices, to explore fantasies of anarcho-economics where trust is currency and investments are invisible, and to create an atmosphere of intersubjectivity through performance practices in both art and non-art conditions. One of the unique ways we used Transformational Aesthetics is by including the cosmetic arts into our toolbox as an accession to contemporary artistic practices, namely hair cutting and coloring. This example of text and images demonstrates how we have used this directly, which in turn has influenced our ongoing practice in unexpected ways, particularly in how subjects are imbedded in the process and outcomes of the work; revealed is an enlivened sense of subjectivity gained through an artistic experience hinged on trust, mutuality, and exchange. To sit in the chair for a free hair style or color outside of the salon/business context takes trust, to invest as artists where the return is transformation takes belief. (Chick, Prieto, Travieso)

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