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INMMezzure's  journey as a street artist began in New York City where she used a background in architecture, engineering and design to create a new symbol for street art, the tape measure. INMMezzure sought to be different from other current female street artists, whose works are characteristically female/ feminine and sought to create a graphic that was more closely defined as male. Being a Baltimore native, she also included Baltimore imagery in my works. NMMezzure has pasted Old Bay in Chelsea, Bushwick, and the Lower East Side and pasted crabs and bushel boxes in alleys and in large exhibition spaces.

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INMMezzure is a specialist in all units of measure. INMM for short, stands for “…from inches (IN) to millimeters (MM)”. My practice includes the purpose of illustrating female empowerment through power tools and other “male oriented” subject matter. For my iconic tape measure wheatpastes, I usually start drawing in pencil, then each one is painted in relation to color choice. These images are then displayed on the streets on NYC for public viewing.

My work also explores theory in relation to brand name power tool manufacturers, such as Yellow for DeWalt or Stanley brand, Orange for Rigid Brand, Red for Milwaukee, etc. Additional colors serve as a rebranding for audiences not familiar with the use of power tools, redesigning for a new audience, able to give newer perspectives to these popular and male oriented objects.

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